About Us

 Drapes 4 Show is a manufacturer and importer of textile products for many different industries. We have a vision to create products that solve problems and make the lives of our customers easier.

We are a factory located on Los Angeles with a thirty five year history founded by Karen Honigberg. Her visions and goals of developing and manufacturing quality products still survive today. Her son Jason Honigberg worked with her for 12 years and when Karen passed in 2012, Jason assumed the role of President moving those visions forward.

Our factory is capable of producing many different types of textile products. Being in Los Angeles, we have been able to build a world class manufacturing facility. Many talented people that have worked for decades in the garment and apparel industries have imparted their knowledge to our factory and production lines. As much of the textile industry left Los Angeles, we have acquired the manufacturing assets that can produce to the size and volume our customers need. 


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