Our history

About the Factory

Founded by Karen Honigberg in 1981, Drapes 4 Show was started in a small garage. Karen had the desire to create prdoucts that were fairly priced and high quality. Table skirting and convention center drapes were the first products.  From there the company's reputation grew and so did the product base. Today we service numerous industries including cruise ships, AV rental companies and residental textile customers. Karen worked with her son Jason Honigberg since 2000. With her passing in 2012, Jason has taken the CEO role and continued the legacy she built. 

Karen Honigberg at the White House

Having grown up from early childhood hearing about the factory and its inter working , Jason interest peaked early. His first job in the textile industry was at the age of 10, with a friend, whose family owned a yarn factory in Downtown Los Angeles. During his summer vacations, the two were paid a substantial $5 per day to wrap the paper around bundles of yarn. Having yarn wrapping down, he moved to cleaning the Drapes 4 Show factory at age 16, with a promotion to embroidery machine operator the next year. He was immersed into the operation and manufacturing set into his blood.

Jason's choice for a higher education was focused around learning skills to improve Drapes 4 Show. He attended California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, School of Business. Their focus on manufacturing had educated other leaders of industry, such as the founders of Kinkos and Oakleys. Having been taught by retirees from companies such as Boeing, his education is a core strength of Drapes 4 Show. Jason and his team have scoured the earth looking for resources to improve Drape’s manufacturing capabilities, developing a supply chain that can meet our customers’ stringent demands, and cultivated relationships with customers to develop a good understanding of their needs.

A turning point came when Jason was fortunate to meet with Mr. Steve Szabo. Born in Hungary, with a father that was in the sewing industry, he has over 40 years experience in this field. He has easily earned a reputation as the best, having run a successful factory for decades, assisted major apparel companies with their factories, all in Los Angeles during the high point of the apparel life cycle. Steve has also worked as a tool and die maker for local air craft manufacturing. His abilities as a machinist and as a sewing mechanic give him the skills to fix any vintage machine, create new styles of sewing machines from scratch, and modify off the shelf machines to create truly unique products. Steve was instrumental in establishing Drapes 4 Show’s research and development practices and operation. The knowledge he has imparted to the entire production team is truly a gift.

Today Drapes 4 Show's products are found on every continent there is a hotel.